Innovative Education Foundation has launched a virtual Kodala Academy in 2010 inspired by now well-known Khan Academy. The main goal is to create valuable education e-resources in Georgian and promote their usage in schools.

Videos are indexed according to subject areas and subthemes (e.g. Math: Algebra, Geometry, etc. Biology: General biology, Human Anatomy, Genetics, Ecology). Topics of video lessons are tuned to the National Curriculum and could both serve a reference for students during their preparation to exams, and also used as learning objects during the lessons.

Academy also contains a section with hands-on experiments in Biology, Physics and Chemistry that give an example for teachers even in underfunded schools with poor infrastructure to provide explanation of some scientific concepts and laws. In some cases video-demonstration could replace the experiment. 


  Merab Labadze Mamuka Komakhia    Valeri Tkeshelashvili

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